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At Kemah Marine we have a broad appetite for recreational yacht business and we recognize that each risk stands on its own merits. Our terms and conditions are designed to accommodate individual insureds' needs, and our coverage provides comprehensive property and liability protection for US based yachts of various designs, values and navigations. Kemah Marine's focus is on making insurance comprehensive, flexible, and responsive to today's recreational yacht market.

Recreational Yachts

We all know that great service is a given in our market, but when working with Kemah Marine we are confident that you will recognize that we go the extra mile to deliver superb service. We strive to become your respected partner through hard work, honesty, integrity, transparency, and a speedy response to all issues.  With the goal of helping all stakeholders achieve their desired result, we believe that an open and collaborative approach to risk selection makes us unique and that working with us is easy to do. 

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