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Chairman and CEO

Dom Tobey has led a profitable, $300m D&F business unit for over 6 years and Kemah Capital since its 2017 inception.  He has over 30 years experience in actuarial, risk management and executive leadership positions in worldwide insurance and reinsurance markets based in The United States, London and Europe.

Dom Tobey

Chief Underwriting Officer

Jorge Linero has been underwriting global property for 40 years.  He has managed and controlled D&F property units in The United States, Latin America and Europe and is the architect of our underwriting model.

Jorge Linero

President and Chief Operating Officer

Graham Bell has successfully launched Lloyd’s Brokers, MGA’s and a Lloyd’s Nameco all of which have enjoyed high levels of trading success.  With over 40 years in the market, he was the youngest ever Chief Executive of a Lloyd’s broker at age 29.

Graham Bell

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Executive Management

Our management team has a strong track record of success.  Underlying our management philosophy is the belief and understanding that long term prosperity emanates from consistently rewarding experiences of all stakeholders including clients, investors, and employees.  Our management continually strives to generate beneficial, long-term relationships with all our partners.

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