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Our Mission

We exist with dual core purposes:

  • to provide equitable, innovative and sustainable solutions to our clients’ risk transfer needs, protecting their interests via the provision of first class insurance and reinsurance coverage

  • to apply our experience, insight, and analytical skills towards providing a state of the art and efficient platform via which our risk carrying capacity providers can participate in the insurance and reinsurance business sectors we underwrite on their behalf.


In so doing we strive to be a dynamic, compliant and socially aware corporate entity which provides an enjoyable and progressive workplace and which takes a positive and responsible stance in the marketplace.

Our Principles

We aim to provide high quality, professional services in a manner that is:

  • analytical

  • flexible

  • nimble

  • opportunistic

  • responsive

  • scalable

  • transparent


We seek to participate in business segments where we can efficiently provide expertise and access with clear strategic rationale for our clients, capacity providers, and Kemah Capital.

We strive to be intelligently selective regarding risks, employees, capacity providers, and investors.

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